Monday, December 1, 2008


Well it is that time! Time to drag all of the Christmas decorations out of storage and transform my house!

We were up late last night putting everything that is non-holiday away and we got started on it today... it's a huge job but I love it!

I go all out in the main part of my house, all of my non holiday items get put into storage and I have holiday ones to replace them on all the shelves... I hang glittery snowflakes from all over the ceiling on fish wire so they sway when the heat comes on and they sparkle, I wrap all my pictures in Christmas wrapping paper and I put bows and ribbons on them to make them look like presents then I put everyone in my family's name on them.... I wrap a really long strand of white lights in green and red garland and run it around the whole living room wall near the ceiling... our tree is going up tomorrow and we will get the whole family together to decorate it next week. We haven't decorated outside this house yet but we plan to this year, my plan (if all goes well) is to get some of those reindeer that are all lit up and put them in my yard then I am going to get some of those lighted candy canes and space them in a square and then run strands of clear lights between them to make a "Corral" and put the reindeer in there, maybe put a sleigh off to the side so it looks like the reindeer live here until Christmas eve!! Also plan to get a cheap tree and put lights on it and put it in my yard next to the "corral", I have some lit up boxes that look like presents that I will put under the tree..

We aren't really having anyone here for the Holiday's, we are all going up to Washington to visit my family so the decorating is pretty much just for us, Jackie (my daughter) has been bugging me for weeks to get the decorating done so I finally gave her the green light last night..

Yep, it is looking pretty festive here! lol my kids are exhausted by the time we are done!!! Needless to say it is a lot of work but this is by far my favorite time of year! I am REALLY ready to get my house back by New Years though!!

I would love to hear from anyone reading this, what do you do for the Holiday's?? Any Special decorating traditions you'd like to share??

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wendy lee lynds said...

i'm so behind the times, well, with the move and all. yep, that's my excuse this year......i'll be better about it next year!! lucky people are getting gifts this year! LOL!