Tuesday, March 10, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Blog Giveaway WINNER!


I finally chose a winner for St. Patrick's Day giveaway! This one was very hard! There were a TON of wonderful entries and I simply could not choose! I am serious, I could not decide, I must have read each post 10 times and I kept going back and forth and I just could not make a choice, so here is what I did, I picked out the best 26 entries (yes 26! and every one of them deserved to win!!) and then I gave them all a number and then used a random number picker... and the winner was #8 Brig at Diary of a Mad Crafter

Congratulations Brig, you earned it, and might I add that the jewelry will look stunning on you!!

Here is her story...

"About one month before my 16th birthday, my then-boyfriend picked me up from Driver's Ed to take me home. A bunch of kids from our school (4) ended up tagging along as well. This meant that we crammed 6 people into a car with only 4 seat belts (there wasn't a middle lap belt to be found, though it was probably just buried somewhere). The only other girl ended up sitting on the lap of one of the guys, something I had refused to do--ha ha.

And, for the first (and only) time in my life, I did not wear a seat belt. Well, my knucklehead then-boyfriend took a detour down a gravel country road to show off, rather than dropping those kids off and proceeding directly to my house.

He was going around 50-60 mph down this twisty gravel road. I remember screaming at him, "Will, slow down!," and feeling us go into a skid.

The next thing I remember is this guy Sam (who later became one of my closest friends) saying, "Brigitta, you've gotta get out of the car!" I crawled out, completely disoriented to find that the car had completely flipped over!

Will had gone into a spin and was about to hit this gigantic tree. In swerving to avoid it he managed to flip the little sub-compact over. We all walked away with little more than scratches. And while I've had some problems with my lower back ever since, they're not major and I count myself incredibly lucky to be alive and able to fully function. :)"

Brig's Reaction...

"Wowzers! You have totally made my week Chic! Seriously, it's rough going right now and free jewelry is EXACTLY what I need to get me through."

Be Sure to check out Brig's beautiful Etsy Shop... She is currently having sale!

"30 Days of Lent Sale"
20% off all of handcrafted Catholic and Anglican rosaries

(refunds through PayPal)


Be Sure to check back soon... I will be hosting a mother's day giveaway and I am thinking that there will be 3 winners!!! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

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BrigaBauble said...

Thanks again Chic! Love the post! And can't wait for my jewels :) I cross-posted on my blog: http://BrigaBauble.etsy.com