Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Industrial Elegance...

I am always on the lookout for new and original items to use in my jewelry creations, I want my items to really stand out and when I discover a new component my imagination goes wild!

These earrings are without a doubt some of my favorites, if you look closely you will see that the black loops are actually retaining rings (sometimes called "C" rings), you know the things you can get at Home Depot or Ace Hardware? They are usually used to help keep pins from slipping out of all sorts of machinery. I just happened to be in Home Depot one day, looking for some sort of hardware (I am ALWAYS looking for something so I can fix something at home) and I happened upon the drawer that had these rings in a wide array of sizes... well the gears in my head started turning right away, I had a ton of ideas going through my head as to how I could use them in my jewelry creations! I bought a whole handful of them and when I got home I totally lost all inspiration! It took me close to a week to finally come up with some ideas as to what I could do with them, I didn't want to rush it, and I wanted them to be just right. I was extremely pleased with how they turned out. These earrings are really delicate looking, yet they have a very sturdy feel to them, they really make a bold statement... they are constructed of a single retaining ring, 2mm gunmetal rolo chain with 4mm Emerald AB 2x Swarovski Bicones and a single 2mm Crystal AB Swarovski Bicone in the center. This design has sold very well at the craft fairs I have done, once people realize what they are made with they can't seem to get enough of them!

These earrings are simple yet very eye catching, 2 different sized retaining rings with a single 10mm Olivine AB Swarovski heart at the bottom, I just love the way the olive green contrasts with the black metal.

Both of these sets are very industrial looking yet, at the same time, very fashionable and unique, truly some of my most imaginative designs!

If you would like to purchase either of these earrings they can be found on my EBay site, simply click on the picture of the pair you like to be taken directly to the listing.

Check back soon, I will be featuring a necklace and earring set made out of the same components, I can't show you today because it sold at my last craft fair, I made it the night before and it was the first thing that sold when the fair opened!


Bonhomie Jewelry (Kirstie says......) said...

Thanks for the visit! Wish I could take a metalworking class!

Ricky Shambles said...

Beautiful work - you're very talented, and thanks for your visit at my place. I'll be keeping an eye on this space.

wendy lee lynds said...

love this industrial line.........very chic and not-the-usual!! xoxox

Nancy said...

I love the industrial components. They give some edginess to the crystals.