Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Industrial Elegance Earrings...

Happy Valentines Day!

When I got these new Blue Zircon Swarovski hearts I could not WAIT to make something with them. I just knew that the fist thing I made with them had to be something for my Industrial Elegance line. As I said in earlier posts the black rings in this set are retaining rings from Home Depot (sometimes called "C" rings) and they are used in machinery to help keep pins from sliding out. I think they are put to much better use in jewelry!

I used three different sized retaining rings (top: 1/4" middle: 5/16" bottom: 1/2") and strung them all together with 4mm gunmetal jump rings then I put 4mm blue zircon bicones in the top two rings and in the bottom one I used a 6mm bicone then I finished the whole thing off with the 10mm blue zircon ab Swarovski heart. These crystals are a very vivid blue green color, kind of like super charged aquamarine and they really stand out against the black of the retaining rings. they are on gunmetal hooks and the whole earring from hook to the bottom of the heart is 2 inches. This set has an almost liquid look to it, the earrings will sway with every subtle movement of your head setting off the sparkle of the crystals... These would look beautiful on YOU! lol

As always, if you would like to own these earrings or would like the see the actual listing simply click on any of the pictures to be taken to the Etsy listing. If you like them but would like to see them in a different color please don't hesitate to contact me!

* These earrings are also available in my ArtFire sutdio... Click Here to be taken to the listing.


Jean9 said...

These earrings are stunning, who would have thought that rings from a hardware store would have such a beautiful effect!

Youniquely Chic said...

That is exactly what I thoght.. I'm always on the lookout for new hardware to use but nothing seems to work as well as the retaining rings!

Thanks for visiting!

Flight Fancy said...

Beautiful color! love the hardware :)