Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Had to share...

I want to take a moment away from the business aspect of this blog to share something I found on the web the other night. I warn you it is very moving and it might make you cry... it did me! This is a subject that is near and dear to me, I am an avid dog lover (I do have 4 of them!) and nothing breaks my heart more then to see an animal treated like it is disposable... To me, the day you bring home a puppy/dog you become responsible for it for it's entire life... GOOD OR BAD! So often you hear about a dog being condemned to a shelter because the owners either didn't do any research on the breed they were getting or they bought it for a Christmas present for their child who quickly lost interest. The letter below moved me so much that I just had to share...

Letters to a Dog

-- By, Carolyn MacMullin
January 6
Dear Dog, I saw you today for the first time, just a couple houses from my own the school bus stopped to let out your kids, and your mom opened the front door to let you run out and greet them. You are a wiggly, bouncy, and happy little puppy with a full belly and a shiny coat. Your kids grabbed you up, hugged you, held you and toted you inside. Your tail was wagging the entire time. I thought to my self, how sweet, what a way to end a long hard day. I spoke to your mom this evening and she said that they got you from the Animal Shelter, and the kids named you Lucky.

March 10
Dear Lucky, I saw you today as I always do on my way home from work. You were already outside to greet the kids today, which seemed a little odd. The little girl got off the bus and shooed you away, she appeared to not want you jumping on her. The boy got off the bus and gave you a quick playful pat on the head, then smelled his hand and brushed you aside. You looked confused and sad, as you went to lie by the porch. You curled up in a tight ball on the cold ground and let out a huge sigh. My heart felt heavy that day.

March 21
Dear Lucky, I saw you today, I was headed home and the kids got off the bus, walked to the house, and you ran out as far as you could on your heavy chain to let them know you were there. The little girl ignored you, the little boy told you to be quiet, when you barked for his attention. My neighbor commented that they needed to do something with your barking because you keep them up at night. You had a bucket of water and a bowl of food, a relatively nice dog-house, but your eyes were sad and empty. I shook my head and let out a huge sigh.

April 30
Dear Lucky, I worried for you today. You look thin, your chain heavy on your neck, your coat is dirty and falling out, you don't get up to do much anymore. Your bucket is turned over, and I have not seen your food bowl for a few days now. I spoke to the neighbor and asked about you. He said you still bark at night and he saw the man of the house throw something at you the other day as he scolded you. I shook my head in despair as I went back into my house.

June 4
Dear Lucky, My heart sank today, I was headed home and you weren't in your yard. A large part of me hoped you got away, another large part of me was frightened at all the other possibilities. I asked my neighbor about you, and he said your family went on vacation and sent you back to the Animal Shelter. I shook my head and cried for you as I went into my house.

June 5
Dear Dog, I went to the shelter today, I found you huddled in the back of a cage that had a bucket, a bowl of food, and a blanket for you to lie on. You looked up at me as if you knew me, and my heart broke as I read your card, they did not even care enough to give them your name and the card simply said, male, neutered retriever mix. Owners did not want. I cried when a gentleman from the kennel said, "That's a sad one there. He came from here you know, last Christmas. Guess they just got tired of him. He's too frightened, no one will adopt him." I went to the counter and told them I would be back tomorrow and please don't do anything just yet. They all kind of nodded like they heard that one before.

June 6
Dear Dog, I brought you home today. You were scared and untrusting, but a small part of you somewhere allowed you to wag the tip of your tail when I told you that you were a good boy and that I loved you. I gave you a new name, " Happy", because you aren't and I hope that someday you will be. You had an accident on the floor, and when I came back to clean it up with paper towel you slunk down and whimpered as if the hand was coming for you. I tried to choke back the tears when I thought of what you must have gone through in the past six months. I reached out and patted you and your eyes closed and your body went limp at such a gentle gesture. "We're going to be alright," I told you. I showed you your food and you ate voraciously, and you marveled at the treats and toys I got for you.

December 25
Dear Happy, Good morning my best friend! You woke me, as always, popping out from under the covers on your side of the bed, licking my face to tell me it was time for our walk. We went through the living room and you sniffed what Santa left for us. I hugged you and said, " Last year you were a Christmas gift, now this year, these are all yours!" Your coat is shiny, your belly always full, and even though we found out at your first vet visit you had heartworms, you are healthy now. As we went out for our walk, we saw your old family in the front yard, they look at you each time as if they recognize you in a way, but you don't give them a second glance. --- Then I believe both our hearts stopped as we saw the children emerge from the yard holding a small playful puppy. "Isn't she just precious? We got her from the animal shelter. Hope this one works out, the other dog we got from there was so much trouble." I sighed and refrained from pointing out that you were not the trouble. You looked up at me as if to say, " Thank you mom." I kneeled down and whispered in your sweet ear, " No, it is I who thank you."

I am sorry if this is a sad story, but unfortunately not all Christmas Puppies and Kitties have such happy endings, and thankfully some don't have such sad stories. The moral of this tale? Whether you get a pet from a shelter, a pet store, a breeder, or a private litter, this animal, is a living and feeling being, who will depend on you for everything. He will need love, patience, and kindness, as he is taught manners and housebreaking. There are no bad pets, just those who need a good foundation to start off life. A pet is for life, and a pet is family.


Teresa Jane said...

Thanks for sharing that story. I cried too. I have 5 dogs and now we have 4 cats. All but one are rescues. Animals thrown out because no one wanted them. It is sad to know that some people do not understand the value and importance of another life. One of the saddest stories of our pack is of a dog who followed my husband home from a walk with our other dogs. He had wounds around his neck and hair missing on his face from obviously being tied outside. He was flea infested. He was very sweet. We bathed him and took him to the vet. He too had heart worms and he is now a happy healthy boy. :)

NICO Designs said...

I used to work with kdis that had been abused. For a moment I thought there would be a correlation at the end of the story; unfortunately I have seen these countless times. People think it is so easy to be a parent; after all, it does not take much to make one (for some). Then when the baby cries and interrupts their commercials and soaps the baby is no longer fun and cute, but a nuisance.

Youniquely Chic said...

Hi Teresa sounds like you have a zoo like me! and NICO Designs, Thanks for vising my blog and taking the time to read the latest post.

Take Care

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

It makes me so sad too. :(

We can't save them all, but we sure can try! All of the furbabies who live with us are either rescues or from the shelters on their last day.

Youniquely Chic said...

Yes it is very sad, I just don't get people like that! How could you look a dog in the eye and see the love and devotion there and still treat it like that???? 2 of mine are rescues (the husky and the Beagle) the Dalmation mix (pic on the post) was from a local litter and the Jack Russell is a pure breed... long story!

Thanks for visiting!

Anna said...

We have two dogs. One is my late mother-in-law's dog who was rescued after being abandoned on the turnpike. Our own "pup" is an 85lb golden who is the sweetest dog ever. She was the runt of her litter and no one wanted her, but she caught my heart and has held on tight ever since! I don't know what I would do without her. I hate it when people treat animals so indifferently or cruelly.

Sudha said...

I really felt very sad reading the story... You have a very kind heart and God bless you cheers:)

CastoCreations said...

Damn it. I'm not supposed to CRY at work!!!

Our Timber is Lucky. He was in a back yard on a chain with an abusive owner who beat him with a rake and shot him with a BB gun. Now he gets lots of kisses and cuddles in our bed with our down comforter. lol He's beyond spoiled.

PlowandPony said...

That story is so sad. I have 10 dogs. Don't faint. They are mostly dogs that have been dumped on our country road. One I rescued from traffic and 1 from a shelter. Recently we had a major dog dump on our road. A mom and her 8 pups. The poor things just sat where they had been left. I wrote a blog about this incident. I just could not take them..It is hard trying to keep 10 dogs happy and healthy let alone 9 more. My neighbor took them in, bless their hearts. Every shelter is full. People are just abandoning their pets in these hard times. Such a cruel thing to do to them.

Pamela, Kira and Scampi said...

Saving one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog, the world will change.
God bless the little animals....

Arya said...

What a cute pets, hi..visiting you and dropping EC